Our Values


Everyone works better when we work together. The best ideas and best work often comes from connections with other people. Members build on their ideas and aren’t afraid to open doors to new possibilities. Our co-working culture allows for constant collaboration with individuals who bring new perspectives to projects you may never have considered.


We aim to surround ourselves with like-minded individuals who can inspire, help and expand our businesses. Events are a big part of our culture. They roam from happy hours to classes and workshops. With our events, you can expand your network and realize your full potential.


With the introduction of technology and the 40-hour week becoming something of the past, what we need for our workspaces has changed. Conventional office leases can become a long-term financial burden and no longer meet the needs of our businesses.


By offering a diverse and inspiring community, we provide our members with the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. We also offer wellness classes for our members to lead a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.


We are a dynamic community of creative professionals, startups and freelancers. We truly believe that entertainment, creativity, and business can come together to provide a one and only work experience.


Our space is designed to fit the needs of any kind of business. We offer non-traditional office leases, with month-to-month memberships that give you the option of cancelling or expanding within our space.


If you’re going to be spending hours a day working, you might as well work in a setting that works for you and where you can get your best work done. Our space is created to serve our members.

Constant Change

We never settle nor conform. We move fast and challenge each other by trying new things and not being afraid to fail. Our culture is about getting things done and doing them well.

The perks

  • High-Speed Wifi
  • Business-class Printers
  • All utilities covered
  • Flexible arrangement
  • Bilingual receptionist
  • Free coffee
  • Kitchen supplies such as refrigerator and microwave
  • Private Phone Booth
  • Conference room
  • Mailbox and personal address
  • Networking and events
  • Discounts on event fees

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